School lahhh~

School has kept me busy *3*// But I decided to share an entry with all of you~~

Went to a Japanese Year 10 Excursion on my 3rd Day of School XDD It was very very fun<3 Met nice people from other schools. There were hundreds of students that came \O/ I learnt things, but overall it was VERY fun<3 It was like a seminar thing *3*//
My group won Speaking in our colour group<3 So happy~~ I got to speak strange Japanese *3*

Also hung around the school library on my 4th day~~ I found Tsubasa!! やった! But this and Guru Guru Pon-chan Vol.5 were the only manga D: It was upsetting.
And also, NO ONE hangs around the library at my school. It's really sad. Because the library is so beautiful!! It has a view of the Sydney Opera House + Harbour Bridge and is two stories!!

Also, the school is filled with MAC Laptops D: I don't like it, because I've never used one before. And I was forced to use one and I couldn't D: I grew up with Windows!!

And last but not least, my ONLY progress for SMASH. I got my contacts for Mayoko for SMASH!<3 They're such a lovely yellow colour *3* But they're so creepy, the lighting in the photo is bad so you can't really see though.

I'm missing my sewing machine ;A; I hope it gets here soon and OK. I've only cut out my top pattern for Mayoko *3*

I also got my report from Perth, finally. I got mainly Bs and a few As and Cs... and a D in tennis X"D I know why, Because I haven't read プリテニ yet and I didn't take the test seriously.
But other than that<3 I'm enjoying Sydney very much!! I also met a girl in my year who is EXACTLY (looks+personality-wise) like Anri from Durarara~!! /stalks her *3*// She's so cuteeee~~


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Glad you're enjoying school sweety :)


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