First week in Sydney~

Since I've been asked~ I decided to write about my first week in Sydney 8"D

Yesterday, I met up with Sae, Sally, Bubble, Straw, Miyu, Nadleeh and Mallie for the first time O3O//

It was really fun O3O Lunch was... interesting. There were two main topics: Oppai and Cameras (Uhm... yeah *3*) But the dessert was so expensive ORZ;; The most expensive dessert I've ever eaten, but it was yummy 8"D

And thank you Mallie for the Macross Frontier card~<33


After eating lunch, we went to get Purikura<3

Hard at work 8DD

And afterwards we split up, Went off with Bubble and Sally who were kind to show me around Paddy's<3 Thanks guys~


Ah~ Had so much fun *A* Thanks everyone~ You guys are all so nice/pretty/cute IRL >3Well... this WAS supposed to be about my first week here xD But not much else to saw other than... I met Takuya, Straw and Minami last weekend and I got fabrics for SMASH and did touristy things XD;;
But yeah<3 Had a great first week 8"D I'm still waiting for my stuff to come though ORZ;; Should come this Friday *A*// And I'm not looking forward for school at all XD;;


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Looks like you had uberrr fun~ Hope we get to go out some time QuQ

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