Kida Masaomi!!

I was bored. I watched the first ep of DRRR!! again and screenshotted things cause I was bored.
...And this is the final products *rolls on the ground*
I think I may go to Jay Jays tomorrow or something and buy a white jumper and do this ver. of Kida~ O3O

I'm off to sleep now *A*

On another note, HAKUOUKI EP.7 IS SO GOODDDDDD *_____* Cannot wait for Ep.8<3 ITS SO INTENSE. (And OMG. Naked... Hakuouki guys //drools and touches) xDD
And I read the plotline of Starry☆Sky and it also sounds good O3O I can't wait until it comes out<3 So many hot bishie guyssss~ Ohohoohohohoo~

Oh Kidaaaaaa~ O3O<333


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