Furima Junk


I buy too much cheap stuff from the Furima =A=/
I should stop spending... OTL. But I really cannot help it.
...I feel like such a packrat now *3*/

やった!Long wig get!

What happens at school 8D


I forgot I had this wig X"D Thank you Chuna!! I miss you so much ;A; Can't wait until we can do Dee and Dum together<3
And... Is it just me, or when the wig is put like this, it looks like Lightning's Hairstyle? O_O/ ORZ;;

Aaaand~ My long black base wig for Mayoko came<3 I was very excited<3 It's my first long wig! It's 1m!!~ But it gets so tangled easily OTL. Short wigs > Long wigs.
And I don't suit long black hair ;A; I-I think I suit blonde hair better /shot

LMAO. It looks like I'm wearing coloured contacts here X"D But I'm not~~ Ahhh~~ Bathroom lighting is funny XD



My Ranka generally *3*/ (Gonna borrow Alyto-papa's SMS Jacket on the day though *3* Thank you so much Aly!!)


Ranka make-up test!! First time doing really girly+moe+sparkly make-up *A*/ It was really bad this time!! I will hopefully do better on the day O3O// And I don't have Ranka's red contacts ;A; Because I don't know where my contacts+make-up box went when we moved!! (I also had to buy lots of new make-up *cries*) So I'm stuck with Mayoko's yellow contacts for SMASH!Ranka~ It looks okay though... thankfully.


And my floor after I cut my wig ;A;/ (After the testing - fringe needed to be shorter...) My mum got mad at me for leaving 'green stains' on the carpet O3O/ I'm sorry mama! I'll vacuum it when I know where the vacuum it! OTL.