L-l-lizzy progress

To everyone entering Madman for Sydnova, GOOD LUCK<3
Now for my own piece of... whatever this thing is.
My progress for next weekend's Perthnova~


Uh... the only difference between now and this progress pic is... the pink dress has ruffles and waist ties and that the skirt has the top ruffle sewn on (with this strange thing that I'm currently seam ripping...)


And my sewing area... it's covered with my random Lizzy materials *AAA*
Lizzy Materials: 5 x Different Types of Lace (Icon Chantilly Lace, Stretch Lace Galloon & 3 different types of Raschel Lace), Satin Ribbons (Wide Red & Thin Red & Black) and Roses~

...I was pissed to find out that the Roses only came in packets of 3... I needed 4 ORZ;; So I wasted $2 OTL;; Which could be spent on...
NYLON NETTING *AAAAA* Spotlight had $1.50 a metre for Nylon Netting >3
Anyway<3 Have a nice weekend everyone ;D