Kida Masaomi!!

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Fin-kun = Kida Masaomi? 8"D


Er... Yeah~ Future Kida Masaomi wig lmao.
Yes, I'm gonna be doing him in the future... orz;; I hope I do him justice as perverted so cool Kida Masaomi *___* Because Kida is my favourite character *____* *gets shot*

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LOL @ Non-editted photos xDD I'm lazy xDD

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I hope everyone is not creeped out by my non-editted face now O3O ORZ;;

For srs


Er... I came across this photo when I was looking through my files...
It was too amusing not to post/shove onto somewhere~
Plus, I just felt like messing around with my editting...


Random thing that Chuna and I did when we did the shoot... You can see, We ALWAYS use the same location for most of our shoots.
Aka. School.


And Chuna made us a GIF of 1827. It makes me eyes go @_@;; But *rolls on the ground*
The Reborn shoot the other day was very fun xD

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Lmao. This blog will be filled with my random things. Be warned xD;; (Also, I need to practise my Japanese somewhere... hurr...)